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I told you that to tell you this… (rewriting your story)

I swear there was a reason for telling you all about my “Sperm Dad” in the last two posts and I tell you all of that to tell you THIS: YOU CAN REWRITE YOUR STORY. I am often asked, “Danny, how the heck have you turned out so positive after so much craziness in your life?” Well…

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My biological dad has 118 kids! [Part 2 of 2]

If you haven’t yet read my email about learning “The Awful Truth” please do so first… Once I learned about how I “got here”, I went through a major depressive episode for a week. I felt gross, I felt as if I shouldn’t have ever existed and I thought that I was the product of…

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IS THIS REAL LIFE? (why my life is a Jerry Springer episode) [Part 1 of 2]

My name given at birth was Danielle. My dad’s name is Daniel, but my mom said she saw the name of an author, Danielle Steel, and thought it was pretty, and that is where she got it from. (Dad says it was after him, so I’ll let them argue that one out. 😉) I’ve been waiting over 5…

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