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I told you that to tell you this… (rewriting your story)

I swear there was a reason for telling you all about my “Sperm Dad” in the last two posts and I tell you all of that to tell you THIS: YOU CAN REWRITE YOUR STORY. I am often asked, “Danny, how the heck have you turned out so positive after so much craziness in your life?” Well…

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My biological dad has 118 kids! [Part 2 of 2]

If you haven’t yet read my email about learning “The Awful Truth” please do so first… Once I learned about how I “got here”, I went through a major depressive episode for a week. I felt gross, I felt as if I shouldn’t have ever existed and I thought that I was the product of…

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So… what has happened with your daughter since?

I want to thank you for your messages and love from the story I shared about having my daughter, placing her for adoption and meeting her last year. Obviously, in order to “keep it short” a lot of details were left out (I will save that for my book) After I shared, the #1 Question…

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The Reunion: The greatest lesson of all [part 3 of 3]

It was one year ago TODAY, May 12, that I met her. I have kept it mostly quiet because this is also her story.  I asked her permission to share my insights and “my side” and she’s the best, so she gave her blessing.  A little background on the adoption, it was called semi-open. This…

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Fantasies and figuring it out [part 2 of 3]

I never ended up going to the Eating Disorder Clinic. It was too costly and I had used nearly all of my insurance allotment at the first center, which cost over $1000 per day. I would have been able to go for only a week before the money ran out and my parents certainly didn’t…

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The month I was in a mental institution [part 1 of 3]

File this one under; “posts I don’t want to write” Also note: **Trigger warning… but I don’t want this to stop you from reading, I want you to see whats being triggered and call a professional or a friend and feel the feelings and work through them. Note Part Deux: this post is 1 in…

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#FindTheMoneyProject LIVE

#FindTheMoneyProject Live Workshop will help you leave with a plan to make, earn, give, and keep more of your own money. Attract more abundance in your life and stop living paycheck to paycheck.   Danny-J, is a well-known online influencer and creator of #FindTheMoneyProject which has helped over 5,000 families find over $2.4 Million Dollars!…

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This one time… at Witch Camp

I had a drink with a dear friend in Philly… OK maybe I had two or three and she had four or five. She told me, “You need to come with me to Witch Camp.” “WHAT is WITCH CAMP?!” “Just trust me.” So that’s basically how I ended up at the Gaea Goddess Gathering in…

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My Top Personal Development Books & Audios

I think in order to become a better version of yourself you need to Below this list is also a Free Audio Book and 30 Day Trial to Audible, along with all the titles I listened to as well! ENJOY!! The Motivation Manifesto – Brendon Burchard The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth– John C. Maxwell…

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2015-11-09 18.28.51

Join The Movement

Wow!! I definitely used to be one of those people. In 2009-2011 the market had crashed so bad where we lived, my husband and I made the very hard decision to let our house go into foreclosure. Since that time, and since 2013, we decided to live like no one else and never get in…

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