So… what has happened with your daughter since?

I want to thank you for your messages and love from the story I shared about having my daughter, placing her for adoption and meeting her last year.

Obviously, in order to “keep it short” a lot of details were left out (I will save that for my book)

After I shared, the #1 Question I received was:

I wish I could say that everything was amazing after that, but I will tell you how it really was.

I went back to my life, she went back to New York City…
I would text her once in awhile… she mostly wouldn’t respond (LOL)

I moved to California.

Then I heard that she was going to move back to California in December.

I waited until January and then messaged her, suggesting we get together.

She freaked out… and didn’t respond.

While I was in Australia in March, I received an email saying that her biological father (my high school boyfriend) would be in the states (he’s been living in Korea for 8 years)
So on a whim, I sent her a text saying, “D**** is in the states, do you want to meet him?”

to my surprise, she responded immediately with, “Sure!”

Well, here we go!

We ended up making plans… I rented a car, picked her up in California and we drove to Vegas to meet her biological father.
Mind you, this was a 4 hour drive and up until this point, we had only met the one time.

I’m going to leave most of the details out, but I will say this:
She was able to meet nearly ALL of her biological family; her dad, my parents, my brother, his parents, and even some of her cousins.
We spent two nights together in Vegas and she flew home and has since come to hang out with me once in LA a few weeks ago.

I’m keeping my expectations low but I am grateful for every moment we spent together.
She’s amazing, kind, funny, so independent and adventurous.

I have been told, quite often, that I am so strong… and it made me think of so many quotes, but I want to share this one:

All I can say is; Life is funny…

it’s horrible, awful, tragic and messy…

but it’s also beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, and perfect.

If you’re going through a storm, keep going…

YOU are strong. 

YOU are resilient.

YOU are brave.

Everything you see in me, is also in you.

I would LOVE for you to comment with a story; about yourself, where you had to be brave, resilient, or strong. 

I can’t WAIT to read them

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