This one time… at Witch Camp

I had a drink with a dear friend in Philly…

OK maybe I had two or three and she had four or five.

She told me, “You need to come with me to Witch Camp.”


“Just trust me.”

So that’s basically how I ended up at the Gaea Goddess Gathering in the middle of Kansas for 4 days in the middle of September, with no clothes because my luggage never made it to Kansas… le sigh.

Two nights before flying out to Kansas, I was getting dropped off at home and my friend pointed out some raccoons on the sidewalk,

“WAIT! Stop the car! I’ve never seen a raccoon in my life!”

I jumped out and I quietly tried to sneak up on the raccoons (to pet them?? LOL) and get a picture and closer look.

“OMG they are so cute! They run so funny… are they like a dog? a cat? They run like a little bear. Such a weird creature.”

I started to google raccoons to figure out more about them, like, what kind of bear are they? (LOL)

I told this story to my friend at Witch Camp and she was horrified!

She said raccoons were mean and I shouldn’t try to sneak up on them.


We later went to a class, kind of about card reading and tokens and such and then we passed around a bucket of trinkets and we were each asked to “draw one” out of the bucket and the trinket would reveal something about us in our lives.

There were literally close to 200 trinkets in the bucket and when it was passed to me, I reached in, grabbed something and I remember wanting to put it back, but I changed my mind, pulled it out and took a look….




I had to laugh, because we had been talking about raccoons all morning and now this showed up in my hand.

The lady teaching the class asked me what I thought it meant, and for me, it brought up CURIOSITY and PLAYFULNESS.

She said yes AND the raccoon is very resourceful and adaptable creature.

The raccoon wears a mask, which some people may associate with being fake, but the truth is, a person who has these qualities is able to adapt to a situation and find creative solutions to problems that arise. They can “play the part” when necessary in a social situation, and they can read people well.

When this medicine [the raccoon] shows up in our lives, we are being asked to expand our capacities to endure uncertainty and respond in the moment to what we are perceiving, not what we are anticipating or expecting.


In my life, this past year, I have been put on a rollercoaster… over the past 4 months of living between 3 different states, not knowing where, when, or how things were going to change, and I have been asked (forced?) to adapt and grow in ways I never thought possible.

I had many meditations where the word that kept coming up for me was TRUST.

Trust that all will be ok.

Trust in the uncertainty.

Trust the process.
AGAIN… the raccoon was showing up and asking me to trust.
Be ok with not knowing.
Respond only to the now and “what is” rather than trying to anticipate what is coming.

My current reality is trusting and trusting and trusting some more.

As Gabby Bernstein says:
Screenshot 2016-10-14 12.54.36


I’m learning the lesson.
The signs are there.

What are the lessons you are learning right now and how can we support that?






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