Don’t Mistake Attention for Intention

Lets get Intentional

Have you ever wondered what separates the rich from the poor?

Are you always looking for “the secret” to how they did it or became wealthy?

Well, you came to the right spot to find everything you‘ve ever been looking for.

One of my favorite books by, John C. Maxwell is “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

This book is made for leaders to continue to grow and help themselves and their organizations grow.
I know many successful people who say that personal development and reading are one of the keys to their success and so I do as much reading as I can.

The first law in the book is:

The Law of Intentionality

What does it mean to apply this law?

Are you constantly asking yourself, “How can I improve?”
“How can I gain wisdom?”

“What can I do today that my future self will thank me for?”

When you start to ask these questions you offer yourself great insight into the growth and development needed to take the next step.

In order to become the greatest version of yourself, you must act as you wish to become.

Are you dying to know what “The Secret” is?


Successful do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

They have mastered the day in and day out little things that inch them closer to their goals.

Most success stories are not over night success.

We like to think that but we don’t see the sweat, tears, and failures that lead people to success. We also don’t see the intentional choices that were made in order to get to a place where others wish to be.

How can we use this in our own lives?

Start your day out with intention… you have to be intentional about what it is you want.

John C. Maxwell said,

“Working does not guarantee success. Hope is not a strategy; you must have intention for growth and your goals.”

How many people do you know who WORK HARD, but they are not successful?

I can name plenty of people! My family included!

There are a few reasons why someone may never achieve success even with hard work; these are:

The Assumption Gap: This is assuming that by going to college or taking a class, that you just have all the knowledge you need. Osmosis doesn’t work here…you have to study, make a game plan and put it into action.

The Knowledge Gap: This is the self-sabotaging belief that you aren’t smart enough or don’t know enough. There is no excuse to not acquiring the knowledge. You have multiple books to choose from, you can find mentors, read articles online or even go to network groups.
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You HAVE to plan for success!


First you need to define what success looks like for you.

Then take action every day with intention to move you closer to your goals.

Do not be afraid to fail.

You are going to make mistakes, it’s part of the process.

You will learn valuable lessons and information you need in order to move forward.

Just always fail forward!

Lets get Intentional

Now…..define what a successful day will look like for you?

Then, look to the end of the month…
Ask yourself,

“In order for me to be happy, for me to feel like I accomplished something and was successful in my goals this month what will I need to do?”.

Write down your answer and determine what actions you need to take, to reach that goal by the end of the month and be intentional about what you do every single day to get there.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you are going to intentionally do!


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