(and the simple shifts I used to pay off my student loans, lose the last 10 lbs. FOR GOOD, and live an AMAZING life!)

Danny-J works with individuals 1-on-1 to help with branding, building a profitable business online, money blocks, and issues surrounding food and adrenal health. To work with her, please fill out an application and her assistant will get back with you to set up a consultation.


*you will receive an email reply within 48 hours


Danny-J is a business GAME CHANGER! She has shown me not only how to build a brand and monetize your business online, but to do so in a way that is true to YOU and the impact you can make on the world! Before working with Danny-J I found myself with a ton of ideas and stuck with ACTION. I am now launching my first online course, seeing a huge increase in my social media presence and watching my business grow an incredible foundation as a result! Anyone can teach you how throw some things out there in social media or send some e-mails and see what happens but she shows you, step by step, exactly how to get your message out there in a way that WORKS. No fluff, no holding back... right down to business with the things that will grow your business to the level of success you truly want!

Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez The Day Dream Acheiver

Danny J hit the nail on the debt hammer! I jumped on her 5 tips train and BAM, in 7 days I didn’t make $500 dollars, I made $1,048.44 SMACKERS! Her tips are spot on and when put in actions I quickly saw the cash. With her motivation I went straight to work. I sold old books, clothes, workout dvds, bedding, décor pillows that were no longer decoring and just like that… WHAMMO, $230. I found $250 in awesome shampoo I had forgotten about (I will be saving money for many moons with that find!), $13 in winning lotto cards just hanging out in the junk drawer and $5.44 in drawers and old purses. Here’s real kicker… I side gigged it up. I figured out what knowledge I had and I sold it. I made $800 in 5 days conducting Instagram consults. I listened up when she mentioned a side business and I began finding funds in providing a service I LOVED! I now get to help others grow their business and am growing mine! And the huge SIDE BONUS… I lost 7 pounds! There is real truth in what Danny is teaching and I am so damn happy I put her words into action. Listen up friends, your wallet and ass will thank you!

Jenna Nelson
Jenna Nelson The Love Bomb Company

I discovered Danny-J on Periscope and instantly knew that I wanted to work with her to grow my online business. She's genuine, straight-forward and honest while being hilarious and quirky too. She is action-oriented and wants to help her clients achieve the results they want (and more)! She has significantly helped me merge my strengths and expertise to provide quality and useful content for my community. She provided me with the step-by-step tools on how to implement specific tactics that clearly worked for her to grow a successful online business. I will forever be grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom she has given me.

Harper Spero
Harper Spero Lifestyle and Career Coach

When I started working with Danny-J I was I full of dreams and goals, but had no idea where to start or what I was doing.  Danny-J guided me in my business endeavors, helped me develop a plan of action towards achieving my goals, and motivated me to level up in both my professional and personal life.  Working with Danny-J was the push I needed to take control of my mundane, unfulfilled, searching-for-more life, and create the life I have always dreamed about living.

My experience with Danny-J was one of the best investments I have made in myself to date.  She is funny, smart, inspiring, and real; and she was an awesome coach!

Lacey Ballock
Lacey Ballock Fitness & Nutrition Coach